The Power of Rent Reporting

May 1, 2014: At a Community Capital New York and Patterns for Progress Workshop, Carolyn Schulte of the Credit Builders Alliance introduced a pilot Rent Reporting program offering low-income renters (and middle income renters) an opportunity to build credit as a financial asset. Mission-driven affordable housing organizations and developers in the audience were very interested in implementing the program for their clients as a way to catalyze rent reporting and a valuable and viable option for low-income renters to build credit and financial capability. Sabine Warner, our Housing Loan Associate, and Kim Jacobs, our Executive Director, bookended the event, introducing the concept of rent reporting as a way to overcome the barriers faced by low-income, credit-invisible renters to financial stability. Sabine and Ed Vicenza, All New York Title Agency         Carolyn Schulte, Kim Jacobs, Sabine WernerSabine at Rent Workshop Carolyn Schulte and Kim Jacobs at Rent Workshop