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MNR Pest Solutions

August 24, 2022

MNR Pest Solutions

Beacon, New York

Behind every small business are stories of hope and fearless determination, though the journey is anything but easy. When they started their pest control business, MNR Pest Solutions, husband and wife Mario and Raquel Villalobos quickly realized that launching their business would require consistent focus. They were clear about their goals, but one thing was missing—a plan of action.

So, how did Mario and Raquel overcome the growing pains of starting a business? With their drive and a little help from our Spanish Entrepreneurial Training Program, SCALE.

Introduced to the program through Julieta McPhearson, our VP of Business Advancement, Mario and Raquel learned core business skill and strategies to run and grow a business.

“We didn’t know how to run a business. But Mario knew how to do the job, and I knew how to help him with logistics and operations,” says Raquel. “SCALE gave us the confidence we needed to succeed as business owners.”

Since completing the program, Mario and Raquel met goals that once felt too ambitious and out of reach. MNR Pest Solutions operated out of their family vehicle when they started their business. Now the duo has three company vans and is growing their fleet yearly.

“The SCALE program also taught us how to get more customers and retain them,” says Raquel. “We are delighted to have a lot of customers.”

With an influx of new customers comes a need for more employees. So, in addition to expanding their fleet, they’ve also grown their team with three new employees to meet the continuous demand.

A year after starting their business, Mario and Raquel learned how to strategically and successfully expand MNR Pest Solutions.

“SCALE made us proud to be business owners,” Raquel emphasizes.

Mario and Raquel’s story reminds us that small business owners can achieve even their most ambitious goals when given the right tools and opportunities. We are proud of their journey and hope to help many other small business owners like them.

If you need to get rid of pests at home or your workplace, MNR Pest Solutions has you covered. From ticks to mosquitoes and every critter in between, Mario’s 16 years of expertise ensures you can rest easy in a pest-free environment. MNR Pest Solutions serve all types of properties in Ulster County and surrounding areas. Learn more about their services here.