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Financing Affordable Housing Development Across New York State

For over 31 years, Community Capital New York partnered with private and nonprofit real estate developers to expand affordable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income individuals and families across New York State. As a flexible and mission driven lender, we are committed to supporting affordable housing developers with both capital and technical assistance.

We support new construction, rehabilitation, adaptive re-use, multi-family, single-family, mixed-use, mixed-income and supportive affordable housing for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities or experiencing homelessness.

Community Capital New York has financed the development of thousands of affordable homes throughout New York State and continues to support real estate developments which provide safe, quality homes that are affordable to low-income individuals and families so they can continue to live, work, and participate actively in their communities. We believe that affordable, high quality housing provides benefits to the whole community as well as to individual households.

Deploying Capital to High-Impact Community Development Projects

Over the last 30+ years we have provided:


in pre-development lending to our partners


as the average loan amount to our customers


affordable housing units to familiarize and vulnerable populations across NY state

The Ridgeway, Community Builders

“Building mixed-income communities in Westchester would not be possible without partners like Community Capital New York. We are thankful for their support of this project and prior work in Yonkers.” – Lauren Hauck, Development Project Manager at The Community Builders

We are proud to be part of a multi-year project team dedicated to redesigning Cottage Place Gardens, an outdated, low-income public housing complex. The Community Builders, a leading nonprofit affordable housing…

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Early-Stage Capital for Affordable Housing & Community Revitalization

We support developers ready to expand their affordable housing impact by offering a wide range of innovative lending solutions.

“Community Capital New York has been a godsend to us. Our rents are affordable, so our portfolio doesn’t generate the cash flow our organization needs. Pre-Development Loans are essential to sustaining our organization.”

—Christopher Trevisani, Vice-President, Business Development, Housing Visions

Pre-Development Loan

Our Pre-Development Loan helps finance early-stage project expenses such as architectural fees, engineering fees, third-party studies, environmental due diligence, legal and land use and permitting related costs.

  • Terms up to 2 years

Bridge Loan

Affordable housing projects can take years to complete. As a result, projects can often stall due to a lack of continued capital. We can help keep your project moving forward with our Bridge Loan. This loan provides intermediate capital to support the development process while you wait for public subsidies or tax credit equity.

  • Terms up to two years

Property Acquisition Loan

We can combine an acquisition loan with a pre-development loan to help you complete the purchase of the property site and fund the design of your project while you wait for state and federal affordable housing funding subsidies. We consider loan amounts that approach or exceed 100% of the collateral value.

  • Terms up to two years

Construction Financing

We provide short-term financing for construction and disburse funds after reviewing completed construction work.

  • Terms up to two years

Westchester County Feasibility Loan

Specifically for Westchester County affordable housing developers, we offer a pre-development loan of up to $25,000 with a 12-month term. In addition, loan forgiveness may occur in some cases where developments do not move forward to construction.

  • Up to $25,000
  • Terms up to 12 months

Special Financing

We work with developers, on a case-by-case basis, to address financing gaps that don’t fit easily into other lenders’ portfolios. We partner with both large and small nonprofit and private developers working across New York State including:

Our Affordable Housing Projects Support Working Families & Vulnerable Populations

Supporting developers with pre-development and feasibility lending has never been more urgent as families, and vulnerable populations across New York State experience high living costs and lack safe housing opportunities.

High Housing Costs

Throughout New York State, over 2.8 million households face housing costs of 30% or more of their income, above the benchmark for housing affordability. While rental and homeowner costs are generally higher in downstate regions, the challenge of affordability extends throughout New York State, as incomes elsewhere tend to be lower.

As a result, housing affordability can be elusive for New Yorkers in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Lack of Safe and Affordable Housing Options

There is a severe shortage of affordable housing in New York State. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, New York State lacks nearly 650,000 rental units affordable to low-income households, while 75% of low-income households are cost-burdened.

For more information on the affordable housing crisis in New York State, read the 2021 Housing Needs and Policy Solutions report.

Housing Visions

For 30 years, Housing Visions has made immense strides in the affordable housing market and community revitalization. They started in Syracuse, but their footprints now reach across New York State. Present-day, they’ve developed 1,700 units and have invested close to $500 million into various housing projects.

Their latest projects include St. Vincent’s Square in Corning, Northwoods in Plattsburgh, and Moyer Carriage Lofts in Syracuse. We are proud to have been part of their work providing $300,000 and $500,000 in pre-development affordable housing financing for each project.

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Moyer Terrace

Learn More About Our Affordable Housing Loans Today

We want to help you and your team of developers create thriving communities across New York State. To learn more about our Affordable Housing Loans, contact Kelly Almanzar here