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Black Parakeetz

August 24, 2022

Black Parakeetz

Beacon, New York

Do you ever dream of having fun at work? Terry and Kisha Clarke sure did! When they started their karaoke business, Black Parakeetz Paint, Swing, and Swig, Terry was fresh out of a twenty-year career and needed to plan his and Kisha’s financial future. The goal? Start a business that provides multiple revenue streams and have a good time. Just two years later, not only are they meeting financial goals, but they are also the owners of one of Rockland County’s only art and entertainment spaces.

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had,” says Terry. “We’re currently grossing three times our previous salaries.”

Years ago while working a traditional job, Terry explored the world of entrepreneurship and started a computer business. Although Black Parakeetz is not his first business venture, it has proven to be more challenging. Launching a restaurant and entertainment space has come with many obstacles—from organizing a new team to developing a business plan that works. Terry and Kisha spent months preparing before the fun began.

“We spent a lot of time in Nyack getting to know the community,” says Terry. “We wanted to create a nighttime entertainment space that made people feel like they were on vacation.”

After nine months of planning and prepping, Black Parakeetz finally opened its doors and has been an absolute hit in the local community. People love the space, and rightfully so. With a karaoke space, restaurant, paint and sip lounge, and a delicious bar that Terry designed, Black Parakeetz is a one-of-a-kind experience in Rockland, and it’s only getting started.

As Black Parakeetz grows, so does Terry and Kisha’s creativity. They introduce new themes for their Paint and Sip sessions every week, and guests can even book private events. As a result, they’ve brought in people from all walks of life and learned more about themselves.

“You really can’t spend too much time gazing at the obstacles,” Terry emphasizes. “Every open door just guided me to take another step. You have to see everything as possible.”

Black Parakeetz’s success is directly connected to Terry and Kisha’s persistence, patience, and commitment to Nyack’s community. We connected with them through Julieta McPherson, our VP of Business Advancement, and provided them with the capital they needed to kick start their business.

With a $150,000 loan, Terry and Kisha renovated the building space, purchased furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and created six new jobs.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without Community Capital New York. They supported our dream exactly when we needed them,” says Terry.

Ready to sip on a cocktail like The Bronxtale while bringing out your inner Picasso? Book your next Paint & Sip session with Black Parakeetz here. For all the latest happenings, keep up with them on Instagram. You can also learn more about them in our 2021 Impact Report.

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