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Ramblin Coffee

August 18, 2022

Ramblin Coffee

White Plains, New York

Whether you’re a coffee fan or not, daily coffee consumption is an integral part of many everyday routines, but as coffee aficionados understand, not all coffee experiences are equal. An avid coffee drinker since high school, Bryan Lantier was determined to create a unique and delicious experience for coffee connoisseurs. Inspired by the variety of iced coffees he tasted while living in California, Bryan took the New York approach. So how did he do it? With a food truck, months of hard work, a small business loan from us –and a salty, creamy take iced coffee.

“I knew New Yorkers would love a fresh take on iced coffee. But, unfortunately, we don’t have that many options here,” Bryan remarks about his time in California. “After my shifts at my office job, I’d work at coffee shops, and I learned how to make iced coffee interesting.”

Using his newfound experience, Bryan brought his entrepreneurial vision back to New York in 2019, where he purchased his first food truck. He then spent months preparing the truck for a grand debut in 2020—right as the pandemic put us on lockdown. “Ramblin Coffee” would have to be put on hold, but setbacks like this did not stop Bryan from fulfilling his long-time goal of creating a one-of-a-kind coffee truck experience.

“What seemed like the end of the world wasn’t so bad,” says Bryan. “I had to think of the big picture and make some long-term projections.”

By late 2020, Ramblin Coffee was officially out on the road and serving customers. Today, Bryan’s coffee truck business is flourishing, and, on many days, it can almost get too busy.

So, what’s next for Ramblin Coffee? While Bryan isn’t looking to expand right now, he hopes Ramblin Coffee to become a national brand one day. The “Rambler,” a cold brew coffee topped with sea salt cream, is a customer favorite. Bryan is exploring bottling and selling it in grocery stores.

We are proud to support Bryan’s visions for Ramblin Coffee and are happy to have provided him with a small business loan and professional advice from our advisors.

“Most lenders didn’t want to work with me because I didn’t have a solid revenue stream yet,” says Bryan. “The team at Community Capital New York believed in me. They were like angels crossing my path right when I needed them. I was glad I had my business plan ready!”

We look forward to seeing Ramblin Coffee’s continued growth and success! Learn more about Ramblin Coffee. And, follow Bryan and Ramblin Coffee on social media to find out where the coffee truck is headed next!