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Los Hornitos

August 10, 2022

Los Hornitos

Wappingers Falls, New York

For the last 17 years, Los Hornitos Bakery in Wappingers Falls has stood as a community gathering place, more than a bakery, a restaurant many people visit weekly to see friends. Many employees of Los Hornitos Bakery have worked there for 10+ years and view their team as family. Monica & Hector Lorca, Founders, intentionally designed the Chilean-Latin fusion bakery to bring the community together.

“I love this bakery. My team and our customers are my family. I do my best to take care of them, to constantly improve. Thank God I have my business. I am very blessed!” shares Monica.

From various empanadas to beer battered Chilean fish, seafood soup, and artisanal desserts and cakes like their Peach & Dulce de Leche cake, Los Hornitos Bakery has consistently received awards for their unique Latin fusion. They’ve maintained the menu over the years, committed to fresh ingredients and offering a taste of everything from Latin cuisine. For Monica, the quality of her relationships is just as important as the quality of her food.

“I always say I’m a person before a business owner. I love that. I am never going to change. Of course, money is important, but I don’t want it as the only priority. I am a giver, a person first,” says Monica.

Monica first joined the Community Capital New York family when she participated in our free Spanish entrepreneurial training program, SCALE. She learned the ins and outs of running a business. Monica knew what it took to run a bakery, working in restaurants after arriving in the United States from Chile. But she knew she needed the hard business skills to help her bakery sustain and grow.

“Through Community Capital New York, I learned how to write a business plan and manage a business. I had the passion and determination, and the Community Capital New York team helped me with the knowledge and skills,” Monica says. “I am very grateful for their personal guidance.”

After completing SCALE, we helped Los Hornitos secure a $30,000 microloan, creating two full-time jobs. The loan helped to expand the bakery space and to purchase equipment. Los Hornitos’s growth set them up to maintain enough business during the pandemic that they didn’t need to close their doors for one day. Contrarily, they cooked and donated food for frontline workers.

“Running a business requires everything you have. You often sacrifice family time, hobbies, and weekends, but it’s all worth it if you love it. And I love it,” says Monica.

Check out Los Hornitos’s artisanal menu. Learn more about their story. Follow them on social.

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