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Sweet Bee Day Care

September 28, 2020

Margarita Hidalgo, Founder and CEO
In Service to Happy Children & Happy Parents

Margarita Hildalgo’s mission is to be in service to happy parents and happy children. When Margarita decided to take the first steps into entrepreneurship in 2010, she knew little about owning a business. Her focus was to create the best daycare experience for her community in Sleepy Hollow. And it is this north star which guides every decision she makes as the Founder and CEO of Sweet Bee Day Care.

“At the time, I had no recourse to start a company, but with perseverance, focus, faith, and the right guidance, I knew I could be successful,” says Margarita. “And little by little, I learned how to build a company strategically.”

During the formation of Sweet Bee Day Care, Margarita met Julieta McPherson, our VP of Business of Advancement. Together, they assessed Sweet Bee’s cash flow and how Margarita could not only cover her expenses but make and grow profits. Through our Spanish entrepreneurial program, SCALE, Margarita learned how to maximize her revenue streams, calculate her break-even point, and invest in the future of the business. The most significant shift for Margarita was when she witnessed how valuable Sweet Bee Day Care was for her community.

“I learned to know how to distinguish between working to earn money and providing excellent service. I do not view my work as a job now. I work to live well, to save money, and to be in service to my community,” says Margarita.

COVID-19 forced Margarita to close the doors of Sweet Bee Day Care for many months. It was a challenging time, but with the capital she received from our Rent Grant and Emergency Express Loan programs, along with individual business coaching and her participation in our “Small Business Pivot Series” program, Margarita transitioned the daycare for a safe reopening, including retrofitting the outdoor space into a garden and a playground.

“We’ve worked hard the last several months to create a healthy and safe place for our children. Now we are growing fruit and vegetables in the front yard and teaching the kids how to care for a garden,” says Margarita.

What is next for Sweet Bee Day Care? Margarita wants to better understand how to support the families of Sweet Bee as they navigate remote and virtual learning. She is adapting her approach, yet again, as entrepreneurs do best. We plan to be with her every step of the way.

“Thanks to God, to Julieta, and Community Capital New York, I rescued my business during COVID-19. I am grateful to know you are always behind me!” she shared with us.

It is an honor to partner with Margarita and her team at Sweet Bee Day Care. Read more about Margarita’s journey here. Follow her story on Facebook. Learn how you can join our community.