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Green Grass Real Estate

May 13, 2020

Green Grass Real Estate
Bronxville, New York

Green Grass Real Estate—a Bronxville-based real estate broker—wasn’t considering the rental market as part of their offerings. Post COVID-19, their business plans and recovery strategy have changed as client-demand has changed.

“We don’t usually manage rentals, but we know there’s a shift in the housing market and an increased demand for rentals in Westchester County. We are adapting our services to meet this rising demand,” says Carmen Baumen, Principal Broker and Co-Founder of Green Grass Real Estate.

Most of Green Glass Real Estate’s clients are first-time homebuyers. They view their approach with their clients as “wholistic,” as they seek to understand their five to ten-year plans before they buy a home and consider ownership.

“We want to understand our client’s long-term needs and how we can create the most value for them from the beginning of the relationship,” says Carmen. “We don’t expect their first real estate transaction to be their last.”

We are proud to have supported Green Grass Real Estate with our Emergency Express Loan as a result of the impacts of COVID-19. They are thankful they were able to maintain employment for all their employees and expect their adaptation into the rental market to sustain their business.

“We are very happy to have found Community Capital New York. More small business owners need to know they don’t have to rethink their business plans alone,” says Carmen.

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