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Yeah Mon Restaurant and Lounge

March 18, 2024

Growing up, Leslie Sandford and Verna Nixon-Lawrence were immersed in the rich culinary culture of Jamaica, where every dish carried the essence of tradition and familial warmth. Utilizing their family’s cooking traditions and years of hospitality work, they share their love for Jamaican food with the Walden community. Sandford and Nixon-Lawrence were adamant about staying true to their Jamaican roots with a menu that showcases classic dishes such as oxtail, jerk chicken, jerk pork, rasta pasta, rice and peas, curry dishes, fried fish, and festival—a delightful fritter. With Sister Verna’s culinary expertise and Leslie’s knack for front-end business operations and customer service, they’re determined to bring culturally driven food options to Walden.

Their journey towards establishing their restaurant faced financial hurdles, but a helpful encounter at Hudson Valley Credit Union led them to CCNY. Reflecting on the support they received, Sandford emphasizes, “Our loan officer, Erika, was incredibly helpful throughout the process, guiding us every step of the way. There’s a lot of paperwork, but sticking with it is worth it. CCNY provides support throughout the process, and the interest rate is reasonable.”


Since securing the loan, their business has flourished. They’ve paid off debt, invested in equipment, and even transformed a room for private dining, thanks to the revenue generated from people renting out the space. Their establishment boasts 3600 square feet, featuring a bar, lounge, and karaoke, offering diverse options for the community.

Recently, a customer booked a karaoke birthday party, taking advantage of the private room, highlighting their establishment’s versatility. Sandford and Nixon-Lawrence proudly provide a taste of Jamaica and a welcoming space for their community to come together and enjoy good food and company.

Join us at Yeah Mon Restaurant and Lounge for a delicious dining experience paired with karaoke nights that promise endless fun and unforgettable memories!