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Elder’s Auto Spa

September 13, 2022

Elder’s Auto Spa
Chappaqua, New York

For more than three years, we have been proud to partner with the power couple and entrepreneurial team, Eugenia Zacarias and Elder Ramirez, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Elder’s Auto Spa. Their successful, custom car wash in Chappaqua, New York, has been a staple for locals for over a decade. But As soon as COVID-19 hit Westchester County, they knew they needed to quickly pivot to grow their at-home service.

“When we met Julieta McPherson, our loan officer, we were focused on expanding our car wash location. Last year, thankfully, we started a mobile, at-home, carwash service,” says Elder. “The pandemic pushed us to grow that side of the business very quickly.”

In just a few days, Eugenia and Elder completed the retrofit to their mobile van, including the addition of an electric hook-up, and high-pressure water capabilities. A week later, their business grew.
“We’ve kept the company alive by doing this. We only stopped business for a few days, right when COVID-19 hit. Now, business is growing. More and more people feel comfortable for us to come to them,” says Elder. “And they can stay in their homes and keep working. They don’t have to wait around for their car service anymore,” says Elder.

Customers book an appointment via email or text, and Elder’s Auto Spa takes care of the rest. The van is fully-equipped with cleaning supplies for general cleaning and high-end detailing, and they use water and electric sources directly from the van.

“Before we built-out the van, we only had four or six months of decent weather to operate the car wash. Now, 35 degrees and above and I can run the business almost the entire year,” says Elder.
Elder and Eugenia are planning to operate a second van in the next few months. They hope to expand their territory and hire more employees as a result. We are so proud to support the team at Elder’s Auto Spa!

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