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Taaru Majeure

September 12, 2022

Taaru Majeure
Larchmont, New York

Taaru means beauty and elegance in the native language of Wolof Sénégal. 

When Mama Faye first opened Taary Majeure, her mission was to uplift women with luxurious skincare and formulas suitable for all skin types and skin tones. But, when the pandemic hit, she knew her customers had different needs. So, inspired by a trip to her homeland of Senegal right before the borders closed, Mama Faye knew she had to pay homage to her roots. The result? She pivoted from beauty to home decor, and the story behind it is both heartwarming and motivating.

“I was thinking—what am I going to do? I just wanted to sell something that brings a light to my customers’ faces,” says Mama Faye, “so I started with a basket.”

But the baskets sold at Taaru Majeure aren’t any ordinary baskets: they are hand-woven by Senegalese women, and their roots tie back to Mama Faye’s upbringing. Indeed, these beautiful, hand-woven baskets are a part of Taaru Majeure’s “Rose Collection,” a direct homage to the woman who was an extensive part of Mama Faye’s childhood.

“I named the collection after the woman who supplies my basket. She was my nanny when I was growing up,” Mama Faye tells us.

Taaru Majeure baskets reflect one part of Mama Faye’s story and the goals she hopes to achieve for herself and her small business in the Hudson Valley. She dedicates the brand entirely to uplifting women, mainly focusing on the Senegalese artisan women who craft most products. From luxury handbags to hand-woven placemats and baskets, 95% of Mama Faye’s products are handcrafted in Senegal or other parts of Africa.

What does Mama Faye hope to achieve for Taaru Majeure next? First, she hopes to redesign her website to showcase the women behind the collection. Her big vision is for Taaru Majeure to become a highly recognized fashion and beauty industry name. With 23 years of experience in retail beauty management, we know that she can turn this dream into a reality.

“I give people my business card and tell them, ‘one day, you will see this name somewhere,” says Mama Faye.

We hope you are as inspired by Mama Faye’s work ethic and dedication, too. Her ability to successfully pivot and stay true to her brand while remaining confident in herself is what made us eager to provide her with a Small Business Loan and entrepreneurial guidance.

We are proud to be a part of Mama Faye’s small business journey and encourage you to support Taaru Majeure on all socials and their website.