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Mother Gaia Greens

September 12, 2022

Mother Gaia Greens

Putnam County, New York

Meet Mother Gaia Greens: Co-Founded by sisters Kathleen and Michelle, this start-up business provides the Upper Hudson Valley with delicious and nutritious microgreens. Kathleen and Michelle converted a family hobby into a meaningful business with a mission to create local access to healthy and nutrient-dense greens.

“Gardening has always been a part of our family. Our grandmother also had a green thumb,” shares Kathleen. “We were growing greens outdoors and indoors for our family during COVID-19 and knew the healing power of microgreens wasn’t something we wanted to keep to ourselves. Microgreens are an easy way to include nutrients in smoothies, salads, pizzas, everything!”

Launching Mother Gaia Greens amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Kathleen and Michelle demonstrate resilience and innovation during these difficult times. They recognize, now more than ever, the need for sustainable business practices. By growing their microgreens in an indoor setting, Kathleen and Michelle can easily make their greens organic, pesticide-free, and utilize less water. As their business grows, they have even bigger plans for Mother Gaia Green’s impact.

“At some point, we want to do outreach to food deserts as we know that urban gardening is the way of the future,” says Michelle.

The security and sustainability of New York State’s food systems are core to Mother Gaia Green’s vision. Beyond selling microgreens—their business focuses on delivering health education that serves their local community. Eventually, Michelle and Kathleen want to launch a more extensive farmstead.

“Our goal is to buy a small-scale farmstead, one that we can grow over the years,” says Michelle.

“We need smaller farms, more people taking power in their own hands to grow their food,” echoes Kathleen.

Kathleen and Michelle’s long-term business goals for Mother Gaia Greens—growing it into a mission-driven and multifaceted business — are why we are committed to supporting start-ups. Despite being so early in their small business journey, Mother Gaia Greens already secured two B2B deals with a restaurant and a health food store. This summer, they will continue to meet the needs of their local region, the lower Hudson valley, through direct delivery and they encourage you to contact them for more details.

We are proud to support small businesses in their endeavors, particularly to start-ups. We hope to see Kathleen and Michelle’s continued success and encourage you to keep in touch with them on social media, so you don’t miss the chance to experience Mother Gaia Greens.