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Mane 101 Hair Salon

September 13, 2022

Mane 101 Hair Salon

New Paltz, NY

Amanda Potts Opens a Business During a Global Pandemic

Amanda Pott’s goal is to make her clients feel and look good without breaking the bank. Since 1994, she has offered affordable and beautiful haircuts to her clients. Her ambition is evident through her mission to start a gender-neutral and environmentally-friendly salon amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As a new small-business owner during such uncertain times, Amanda demonstrates what it means to be both resilient and innovative.

In hopes of returning to her work routine at the salon she worked at pre-COVID, Amanda arrived at the storefront only to find it had sadly closed. Located in a prime location in New Paltz, her former workplace was the ideal hub for customers. She knew it was the perfect location to build Mane 101 Hair Salon, a welcoming and inclusive community sanctuary.

Soon after that, Amanda met Fernando Ahumada, our VP of Lending. Determined to acquire the space and launch her new business venture, Amanda worked with Fernando and our team to obtain a $15,000 small business loan to transform the salon.

“I had a clear creative vision for the space. I wanted the salon to evoke creativity and serenity. Everyone who walks in acknowledges how zen it feels,” says Amanda.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially left Amanda with much uncertainty and, like many others, job insecurity. Maneuvering through restrictions and numerous health guidelines was no easy task, but Amanda saw an opportunity and focused. For years, she dreamt of opening a salon, creating a community hub—and was waiting for the right moment to leap.

Four years ago, Amanda was offered the opportunity to purchase the salon space, but it was not feasible for her at the time. With the storefront closing and the interior completely emptied, it was her moment to step in as the new owner and create her dream.

“It was like dominoes. It all just kind of fell into place. It’s crazy,” says Amanda.

With the help of our small business loan, Amanda has turned her vision into reality.

Located on the main street of New Paltz, Mane 101 Hair Salon serves everyone regardless of gender orientation. Amanda is also committed to a zero-waste salon through a partnership with an organization called Green Circle Salons. We are incredibly grateful to have been a part of Amanda’s entrepreneurial journey and encourage you to support her and keep in touch with Mane 101 Hair Salon on social media. Read more here to learn more about our small business lending.