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Stella Bella Beauty Salon

September 12, 2022

Stella Bella Beauty Salon

Kingston, New York

After 15 years of hard work in the salon industry, Johnah Incardona was determined to branch out and open her own salon. So, motivated by her clients’ words of encouragement and the desire to fulfill her career dreams, Johnah opened Stella Bella Salon. And this year, Stella Bella Salon celebrates five years in business! Located on the scenic waterfront of Kingston, New York, Stella Bella Salon offers cuts, blowouts, extensions & braids, perms, colors, and even nail and make-up services.

However, Johnah’s entrepreneurial journey has not been easy. As a first-time business over, she has learned the ins and outs of and its role in Stella Bella Salon’s sustainability.

“In this world, cash is boss, and credit is king. So I quickly learned that when you establish a business, you need a line of credit,” says Johnah.

As Johnah sought to grow her business and acquire a loan, she knew she first had to build her credit. For many people in the United States, credit can be an obstacle to many “firsts.” Whether it’s buying your first car or applying for your first small business loan, a personal credit score is one of the deciding factors in accessing capital. When Johnah started her entrepreneurial journey, she had a minimal credit history.

“Where I was born and raised, we didn’t get credit cards, and as a hairdresser, we only worked in cash,” Johnah admits.

So, how was Johnah able to build her credit and become “loan ready”? With self-determination and the utilization of free resources. Upon connecting with the Small Business Development Center, SBDC, a free small business resource that aids in financial literacy, Johnah was introduced to Fernando, our VP of Lending. He assisted Johnah on her credit-building journey with a small consumer loan to eliminate small debts off of her credit file. These small yet very impactful steps made Johnah ready to take the next big step of acquiring a bigger loan for her small business.

We will share more about Johnah’s entrepreneurial journey with Stella Bella Salon in the next month. Stay tuned! In the meantime, learn more about Stella Bella. Follow them on social. Or book your appointment now!