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Trained By Jake & Breakthrough Fit Co

September 12, 2022

Trained By Jake & Breakthrough Fit Co

Hartsdale, New York

When fitness centers across the country were forced to close once the pandemic hit, it left many personal trainers filled with uncertainty. But, for Jake Allyne, a personal trainer with seven years of expertise, it was a blessing in disguise. While Jake was used to training clients in person, his time during quarantine proved to be fruitful in birthing his next business venture. Once an employee, Jake decided to pivot from being an employee to an entrepreneur. His motivation? The growth of his services for people with disabilities and health challenges.

Jake’s training programs are unordinary by conventional standards. Typically, many mainstream fitness centers and programs do not cater to clients with development needs or even offer a space for them. However, Jake recognized the lack of access and the opportunity and used it as fuel to expand his training services.

“There’s a big gap in access to health and fitness for people with disabilities,” says Jake.

With so much time spent inside for most of the past year, the timing for Jake’s launch into entrepreneurship felt perfect. So many people sought after ways to stay active at home while gyms remained closed. Determined to keep his existing clientele fit and moving, Jake launched his online fitness program “Trained by Jake.” Then, together with Co-CEO and partner Stephen Goodman, he launched Breakthrough Fitness Co., which allows Jake to grow Ignite Fitness.

“Ignite Fitness is a customized fitness program for people with disabilities. I want to have a space that is good to the community and creates equal access to health and fitness for everyone,” says Jake.

How does he hope to accomplish that? Through the development of relationships with strategic partners and a derisking plan. As a first-time entrepreneur, Jake understands the importance of having the right people in his circle. The right connections, coupled with innovative business strategies, and hours of hard work, have proven to be the key to Jake’s initial success. We are proud to be part of his story.

“Community Capital New York has been beyond helpful with us, and the main reason we were able to launch into this space, and now we’re prepping a grand opening!” says Jake.

Jake’s project and vision for his new gym is the reason why we are so proud to have him as a partner and small business client. Since working with him, we’ve assisted him with our Small Business Loan and one-on-one guidance which has contributed to the launch of Breakthrough Fitness Co. Opening a fitness center after many long months of quarantine and closures seems almost impossible. Still, Jake kept the spirit of health and wellness alive through his online fitness program, which allowed him to build with his existing clientele. Jake’s creativity and dedication to a specific, underrepresented niche in fitness have contributed to his success, and we are proud to witness his growth as an entrepreneur.

Breakthrough Fitness Co soon celebrates their one year anniversary and offers an array of fitness services, from personal training to virtual training opportunities. Follow Trained by Jake on IG and learn more about Breakthrough Fitness Co.