PUSH: Joseph Frisenda, Irvington, NY

PUSH Personal Fitness: Joseph Frisenda, IrvingtonYou can (almost) smell the fresh paint at the gym’s newly recycled loft location in Irvington. Stopping by the third floor requires you to be determined to Push it. Not a designer studio or a boutique exercise class. A gym. This is a cool place for high school athletes looking to muscle- and speed-up and for those looking for toned transcendence and ripped Zen (the studio is white, sound buffered and low key). Personal trainer Joseph Frisenda’s combination of mindfulness and weight training makes him as good at getting granny arms (and glutes and gams) toned as he is working on balance and agility. Don’t be fooled by his mild manner and glasses. He can be relentless, and peppy, and make you want to soldier on even when doing skating jumps or windmilling your arms. Another great motivator: his own great muscle tone (he likes doing push ups). He also chooses to sit on a large rubber ball as he chats (working abs and his posture) instead of a chair. Quiet, but he’s no pushover. In the world of exercise, Push raises the bar. All you have to do is pull up over it.

Contact info@pushtrainingstudio.com, 914.274.8388

How did you kick start your business? How did Community Capital help?

Exercise has always been a big part of my life. I’ve always been an advocate, and a Jack LaLanne fan. The father of exercise’s quote: “I do it as a therapy. I do it as something to keep me alive. We all need a little discipline. Exercise is my discipline” is PUSH’s marketing mantra. I was an unhappy union carpenter and wanted a career change. For the last 10 years I worked as a personal trainer. When lease renewal time came on the studio I worked in Dobbs Ferry, the owner decided not to. I used a small business loan from Community Capital to purchase all of the equipment and opened my own personal training studio in a renovated factory in Irvington.

How will your business evolve?

Through offering different packages and sessions for ‘every person,’ like partner training sessions, workouts for high school lacrosse and soccer players needing speed and agility training, one-on-one training sessions for marathon runners and for men and women who want to make exercise a part of their lives. I’m cross marketing with Yogaworks, the Red Barn Bakery (another Community Capital loan client) and other local businesses.

When will you know you’ve arrived?

When there are people in here pretty much all day, every day.

What’s next?

Giving people the ability to eat and run—stocking vitamins and supplements to make it easy to combine a workout with nutrition.