MEGABRAIN COMICS: A Neighborhood Respite For All Ages

“We had a very clear vision of what we wanted our shop, Megabrain Comics to be and Community Capital gave us the means to bring our vision to life.”



SUPPORT PROVIDED: Small Business Loan
IMPACT: Woman and Minority Owned business, one full-time employee

A love for comic books and the entrepreneurial desire to own a “destination” shop in the community where they reside drove this husband and wife team to launch Megabrain Comics. The journey to create a profession out of a passion began nearly 10 years ago for Jean Michel when he wrote and self- published the comic book, American Dark Age — an experience that helped him gain a foothold in the growing comics/graphic novel industry. Coupled with his wife Alexandra’s business acumen and her lifelong connection to Rhinebeck the duo are leveraging their backgrounds and recently opened Megabrain Comics. Jean Michel notes “today most kids only know about comics through movies. They come here and we offer them a deeper, literary dive into their favorite stories and characters.” For adults, the market is often driven by nostalgia and/or a passion for collecting. For all patrons, Jean is ready to find a back issue or curate the newest titles

Using personal savings, the Michel’s secured a prime location in the heart of Rhinebeck but still needed additional capital to fund the remaining startup expenses. Senior VP Fernando Ahumada says “ I worked with Jean and Alexandra to firm up their financial plan and create a road map so Community Capital could extend a small business loan.” Since opening in December sales have grown steadily. A separate activity space has also been created to offer board games that can be rented on an hourly basis. “We’ve created a clubhouse feel – a safe place where people can read, play, put their devices down and engage with one another” says Jean.

20 Garden Street
Rhinebeck, NY