Marvin Vasquez: Multi Marketing USA

marvin-vasquezWhen it comes to opinions and workload (delegating is the new micromanaging), you’re happy to share. Marvin Vasquez puts that generous spirit to work for you in his Multi Marketing USA, an idea generation firm. Some work, rest and play; others work rest and play. Mr. Vasquez is the latter, turning his Yonkers apartment into an office, home, and internet café where creative minds convene to meet, write, and devise imaginative, modern marketing perspectives that are a huge success for his small business clients. His informed opinions regarding online marketing net impressive results—thus a company name as broad as his comes up in the top three on a Google search for ‘social media marketing Yonkers.’

Founded by Mr. Vasquez with a small business loan from Community Capital NY, the all-in-one marketing firm employs two others who also work from home and comes equipped with the ability to create and launch websites, master search engine optimization, run online coupon and promotional campaigns, and generate press. His clients have never been happier to get down to business.

How did you get your business off the ground?
I’d been working in internet marketing since 2003, and with small and medium-sized businesses in Manhattan on a daily basis. Every one of them got confused when it came to internet choices, marketing and the most effective web strategies. They need support, someone to be their ‘doctor’, and like a good doctor, keep learning so they can relax and just have a positive outcome, the medicine that will make their business better.

How did your business evolve?
With a loan from Community Capital that enabled me to invest in hardware, software, and allows us to implement social media marketing campaigns, promotional coupons, daily updates to Twitter. We purchased an HD video camera to produce and edit videos for clients.

What’s the best advice you got along the way?
Find something you like and enjoy and do it 100%.

In hindsight, you wish you knew?
About Community Capital earlier. From day one, I saw the interest. Community Capital NY staff don’t just want to create and close on loans. They want the person getting the loan to succeed. I’d have been in a better position to grow my business sooner.

When will you feel you’ve arrived?
When I am doing well enough to purchase Marte, the El Salvadoran soccer club I played for as a young man. I was raised in Westchester, and played club soccer here, but went back to El Salvador to play for a few years. Even though I was a professional, I was one of the few who continued in school.

What’s next?
I would like to add this instead: Mastering new ways of helping my clients get more local customers, get branded and exposed online.

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