KAFFURY DESIGNS: Great Ideas, Simple Solutions



At Community Capital I found the bi-lingual support I needed. My instructor Julieta is always there to keep me focused on the action plan, teach me new skills and help me take the next step.  I am proud to be a small business owner.”




SUPPORT PROVIDED: Spanish Language SCALE training program, educational scholarship and 2 small business loans.

IMPACT: Minority and woman-owned business, urban revitalization neighborhood, one full time job created or retained

Colombian born Viviana Kaffury moved to the United States in 2004, excited to begin a new life and pursue her entrepreneurial dream – to launch her own marketing and communications firm for Latino businesses. But with a language barrier, limited financial resources and few trusted advisors, getting her business started wasn’t easy. Kaffury recalls “I started by going door to door and meeting Latino business owners in my neighborhood. The local deli was my first client that needed new business cards. I could tell there was a business opportunity to assist small, Latino businesses with digital, print and other marketing solutions but I needed a better plan than going door to door.”

She wisely invested in her own education and enrolled in Community Capital’s free Spanish language SCALE training program. Noting “I worked with my instructor Julieta to complete an Action Plan” Viviana concluded “I also met other Latino business owners in my SCALE class who have become my clients.”  Upon graduation, Community Capital continued coaching Viviana to strengthen her strategy and her credit so she could qualify for a loan to purchase state of the art digital equipment and grow her business.  Today Kaffury Designs offers digital, print and marketing services along with “Kaffury Magazine,” a Spanish language periodical that targets the Latino business community.

New Rochelle, NY