FACELOGIC: Reviving, Relaxing and Restoring on a Daily Basis

facelogic.yelena“The loan we received from Community Capital allowed us to purchase state-of-the art laser equipment and training so we can provide our clients with the latest services and technologies to compliment our more traditional offerings.  We know the impact on our business will be substantial.”


Support Provided: Small business loan, Educational Scholarship

Impact:Woman owned business, 2 full-time and 6 part-time jobs created or retained

Business background:

Yelena Kozlyansky is no stranger to entrepreneurship.  In fact, since she earned both chiropractic and massage therapist licenses a decade ago, Yelena has already owned and operated two different health and wellness centers. Recalling her first go around as a small business owner, she said, “It was an eye opener for me.  I paid too much for the business, took on too much debt and when the subway station closest to the spa closed, it really affected operations.”  She did learn from this experience and was far more successful in her next venture due to careful management of overhead and low debt.  However, when a back injury forced her to sell the business, Yelena took a break and slowly returned to work at Facelogic, a skincare and day spa in Mount Kisco. “I could see the potential, so when my colleague and boss approached me about selling the business I seized the opportunity.”

How we are helping:

Yelena’s growth plan has been to shift the product mix toward higher margin, more technically advanced services such as laser hair removal, therapeutic massage, Botox and more. However, the strategy required investments in new equipment, training and marketing – investments she simply couldn’t afford. Seeking help from the Hudson Valley Credit Union, Yelena was referred to Community Capital’s Fernando Ahumada who notes “I was impressed with her experience and vision about how to grow the business.” With a loan from Community Capital, Yelena funded leasehold improvements and the purchase of a laser machine which is helping to move Facelogic from a traditional spa to the more lucrative med-spa sector.

Company Info:

145 Kisco Ave.
Mt. Kisco, NY  10549