Client success stories

We're fortunate to work with inspiring entrepreneurs every day and we're delighted to share some of their stories with you.  We invite you to work with us and build your success too.  Visit our contact page; we look forward to working with you!

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Giraldo Farms: Andrea Giraldo

The instantness of Giraldo Farms instant coffee melds perfectly with our fast paced and time-strapped culture. Introduced at the 1901 World’s Fair in Buffalo, helped on in WWII and, by the Seventies, relegated to the pantries of grandmothers everywhere in a Maxwell House jar, instant coffee is still cheap, fast and the lowest volume solution…

riverside auto


FEEL GOOD UNDER THE HOOD: Riverside Auto Park, Poughkeepsie James Curry and Chris Devens James Curry and Chris Devens, owners of Riverside Auto Park in Poughkeepsie, are your mechanics in shining Armor All. The shop does impeccable work at reasonable labor prices, caters to soccer moms, and the owners have a combined 21 years of…


Where the Styled Things Are: OMUNKY

There are a lot of cool T-shirts: those that glow, those with hometown pride, those better suited for the runway than the weekend. Basics are so yesterday. Nix the pretension but not the ease and the cause with super soft 100% cotton tees made in the USA, each sporting humorous takes on wild animals. Throw…

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Johnny Gelato: John Mallegol and Meagen Fiore

Father and daughter combo John Mallegol and Meagen Fiore took on a punishing challenge: to make the newest and best small-batch gelato in the Hudson Valley. The flavors, which range from honey lavender to olive oil to peanut butter fudge, will make you pick up a spoon, unbutton your shorts and scoop away. Their gelato,…

lola granola

Lola Granola: Mary Molina

If your mantra is eat ‘healthy or die trying’—and it’s looking like it’s your funeral—husband and wife Ernie and Mary Molina have developed food for thought that is easier to swallow. After an extended period of unemployment and subsisting on food stamps, Ernie, originally from Chile, found employment and Mary began making soy and gluten-free…

Empire Medical caption

Community Capital New York helped Empire Medical Rev Up to 41 Cars and 85 Employees

Empire Medical Transportation: Mike Hoffman, Pleasant Valley, NY, Dutchess County Dance Moms alone is proof that fact beats fiction. But for real, unedited tales, just ask an Empire Medical Transportation driver about the average shift. Among other insights, they like their work. Which makes owner Mike Hoffman, in whose office sits 87 pounds of “trip…


Sewcology: Cindy Hopper

For some people, do-it-yourself-styling necessitates a needle, thread, and time. For the rest of us, all that’s required is a credit card and shipping address. Sewcology, the creative endeavor of lifelong seamstress Cindy Hopper, makes you believe that you can “just do it.” Hopper teaches you to make clothes, quilts, pillows and bags without any…

PUSH Personal Fitness: Joseph Frisenda, Irvington

PUSH: Joseph Frisenda, Irvington, NY

You can (almost) smell the fresh paint at the gym’s newly recycled loft location in Irvington. Stopping by the third floor requires you to be determined to Push it. Not a designer studio or a boutique exercise class. A gym. This is a cool place for high school athletes looking to muscle- and speed-up and…


Facewear: Monika Boeker

Face it, when it comes to buying makeup, bouncing around from one counter to the next, making it up as you go along, is pretty typical. Monika Boeker, a makeup artist who has worked on a collection of celebrity faces (The View, Lil’ Kim, P-Diddy & Notorious Big, et al), will give you a make…


Sabor Latino Restaurant and Sabrosa Deli: Nick Hernandez

Many immigrants are drawn to the U.S. because of its strong entrepreneurial spirit as is demonstrated by the fact that Hispanic-owned companies are among the fastest growing business segments in the nation, generating more than $400 billion a year (Hispanic Trend). Yet, when Nick and his brother’s restaurant Sabor Latino and the Sabrosa deli in…


Anthony Bailey: 24/7 Tech Solutions

Anthony Bailey, whose business, like his 4-foot long dreadlocks, was 15 years in the making, built his life around the hard drive. Anthony turned our need to esc into 24/7 Tech Solutions, a business to shift you into a different mode, and help when you lose ctrl and need alt assistance. Anthony and his techies…


Diego Suscal: My Own Home

Diego Suscal: My Own HomeEveryone has to start somewhere. The story of America is one of great migrations as waves of immigrants arrived from around the world and then as Americans migrated from East West.