Lasberg’s Lasting Legacy

Community Capital New York would like to announce that long-time board member Lee Lasberg will be stepping down. His presence and invaluable skillset will be missed, but his legacy and tremendous contributions to the organization deserve to be celebrated.

Lee served on CCNY’s board for over two decades following in the footsteps of his father, Ellis, who had been a long-time board member. When Lee joined the board, he had run his own family business, Lasberg Construction Associates since 1996. As a result, he was very familiar with the affordable housing world, and knew that CCNY could make a bigger impact in this area.

Kim Jacobs, executive director at CCNY for 31 years, calls Lee as a “tremendous asset” and “the world’s nicest guy” who led CCNY at a critical moment during COVID and the housing crisis. During his time at CCNY, Lee helped get projects off the ground that have created thousands of affordable housing units. With the affordable housing approval process becoming more complex, CCNY had to change their business model to account for the slow approval rates from municipalities which was decreasing lending opportunities. Kim describes Lee as a “steady hand at the wheel” during this period. His expertise in housing loans and his ability to identify the potential and risks in projects has helped create the “thriving organization” that exists today.

Although Lee’s background closely aligned with CCNY, he explains how people from all different walks of life can be assets at this organization. “Every loan application looks different,” he says. Having a well-rounded board with people of all different backgrounds and professional experiences is essential in CCNY’s success.

Lee is optimistic about CCNY’s future and has encouraged the organization to expand geographically, particularly in the Bronx and northern New York. In order to “scale up,” he would like to see a broader spectrum of clients assessing loan capital.

Working in the construction industry for decades, Lee has seen how the development of affordable housing units can eliminate homelessness. He tells the story of a woman coming up to him holding a key to her new unit and saying, “this is the first key that I’ve ever had to anything in 15 years.” These are the moments that continue to fuel his desire to give back. When reflecting on his memories of housing projects and seeing people unlock their doors for the first time, Lee says, “I’ll have that forever.”

We wish him luck in his future endeavors!