Community Capital’s Wisdom for Main Street

Holly and Loan Clients-for website Community Capital and the Westchester County Office of Economic Development hosted “Wisdom from Main Street” on August 12th at The Greenburgh Library to bring together a panel of “Main Street” business owners with those that are just starting out or thinking of embarking on the journey.  The panel, moderated by Community Capital’s Small Business Development Manager Holly Perlowitz addressed what it is really like to be a Start-up CEO and have 24/7/365 accountability.

Laura Londin of The Booth in Port Chester encouraged the group to “know who your customers are and what need you are filling for them AND to have a very well thought out business plan and to refer to it often and revise as necessary as data about your customers becomes available.”  Nick Califano of Yonkers Brewing Company concurred and described the discipline he and his partner utilize to assess their progress according to plan and modify their activities and priorities accordingly.  Ernie Molina of Lola Granola described the difficulty of getting “start-up” financing and how friends and family were helpful along with Community Capital.  Judith Weber and Maria Cisneros of Recologie spoke of the importance of keeping your eye on your vision, albeit open to modification along the way as necessary.

Some of the comments from the audience about the event were, “real people with real authentic stories”, “great suggestions on what to focus on”, “I really appreciated them admitting to their fears and how they pushed through them.”