Taaru Majeure on Tiktok

What is it like getting a small business on Tiktok? My name is Ellie Naider, and I am a CCNY Summer Intern. Last week on a tour of small businesses which received startup loans from CCNY, my fellow intern Hope Walker and I met the amazing Mama Faye, owner of Taaru Majeure, a small female, black-owned business in Larchmont, NY.

Taaru Majeure, which means beauty in Mama Faye’s native Senegal language, is both the name of Mama Faye’s store which sells crafts and textiles directly imported from Senegal and the name of Mama Faye’s organic, sustainable skincare brand. Hope and I immediately recognized Taaru Majeure’s potential for Tiktok fame, with it’s bright, woven baskets, beautiful handmade dresses, and skincare products which leave you instantly glowy and refreshed.

On the first visit with Mama Faye, she explained that all of her skincare products are created by a skincare chemist who directly imports the products’ organic materials from Senegal. As soon as Mama Faye creates enough inventory of Taaru Majeure skincare products, she hopes to launch them in a major way on social media platforms. When Hope and I explained that these products would get attention on Tiktok, Mama Faye commented, “I thought that Tiktok was just a tool for kids to play and have fun, and didn’t realize the impact of Tiktok in business”, and excitedly planned with us to begin creating content the following week.

Hope and I arrived at Taaru Majeure on a quiet Wednesday morning to help Mama Faye set up her Tiktok platform. Aesthetic skincare routines, sustainable products, supporting small businesses, and handcrafted goods are all extremely popular on Tiktok, and Taaru Majeure combines all of these things.

Every Tiktok user has a page of endless videos called their “for you page”, which curates a unique list of videos based on previously-liked content. With the right hashtags, music, and film techniques, businesses such as Taaru Majeure can go viral almost instantly.

Hope and I helped Mama Faye navigate the unfamiliar platform, and created in-person and pre-recorded tutorials about using the app so that she could continue creating content. We filmed over six videos with Mama Faye, including an introduction to the Taaru Majeure products and store, an aesthetic skincare routine with Mama Faye’s best selling Face Oil and Magic Neck Cream, customer testimonials from lovely friends of Mama Faye, and the arrival of Mama Faye’s skincare chemist, who brought by the newest version of Taaru Majeure face oil, created directly from the fruit of the Baobab tree, Senegal’s Tree of Life. Some of the videos were posted instantly and then uploaded to Taaru Majeure’s Instagram account, and others were saved to Mama Faye’s Tiktok drafts, which she can choose to upload whenever she pleases.

Mama Faye told Hope and I, “You made Tiktok so fun and so easy to do. My next expectation is to really set myself up recording small chats with my customers. Everything I do is for my customers, I have wonderful products and love sharing them with my customers”. Mama Faye truly does do it all for her customers- between helping them choose baskets woven in Senegal for their dining room tables, finding them the perfect face oil to eliminate pores, and gifting them with wonderful conversation and a hug before they leave.

“Thank you for empowering me and setting me up, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!” Mama Faye exclaimed as Hope and I said our goodbyes. Community Capital NY is so proud to work with such an incredible woman and small business, and can’t wait to see what comes for Mama Faye on her Tiktok journey.

Feel free to check out Mama Faye’s tiktok at this link: https://www.tiktok.com/@taarumajeure

And her website at this one: https://taarumajeure.com/