Business Success Kit

For entrepreneurs, piecing together the puzzle of small business development can be a challenging task. With Community Capital New York, you don't need to face it alone.

Community Capital New York’s Small Business Development Team offers the support you need to develop your small business. Whether it's turning your vision into a viable business, solving a pressing business problem or expanding your company into new levels, our talented staff can work with you to help build the financial, managerial and technical skills you'll need to see your business prosper.

We offer entrepreneurial training opportunities as well as free one-on-one consulting for our loan clients with our professional staff. We can help you in these areas:

Budgeting for financing and marketing

  • Preparing for a bank loan
  • Identifying and targeting new markets
  • Troubleshooting business financials
  • Estimating costs for an expansion

We believe in small business. We believe in you. You can count on us to get the help you'll need.

Get started online today with these easy documents.

Business Plan Outline

Our business plan outline offers a detailed guide to assist you in preparing one of the most important business documents for your business, large or small.

Business Plan Outline For New Businesses ( Word document / PDF / In Spanish )
Business Plan Summary For Businesses in existence for at least three years ( PDF / In Spanish )

Business Plan Sample For New Businesses ( Word document / PDF / In Spanish )
Business Assets For New and Existing Businesses ( Excel / In Spanish )

Your local Small Business Development Center, or SCORE, will also work with you to create or critique a business plan. To find one click here.

Cash Flow Projection

Our cash flow projection template offers a tool to help you map out the financial picture for your business and prepare your future.

Cash Flow Projection ( Excel / In Spanish )

Community Capital Resources also asks for the following documents, which you can use to comply, or as worksheets to help answer our online loan application.

Business Income Statement For Existing Businesses ( English / In Spanish )
Household Income Statement for both Existing and New Businesses ( English / In Spanish )
Personal Finance Statement for both Existing and New Businesses ( English / In Spanish )
Loan Budget Sources and Uses for your requested loan amount ( English / In Spanish )

Business Debt Service Worksheet Calculates and lists all of your existing business debt to help you avoid double counting debt obligations, for both New and Existing Businesses ( English / In Spanish )

Marketing Implementation Plan

Our marketing implementation plan offers a tool to assist you in maximizing the money and time you spend in marketing your business.

Marketing Implementation Plan ( English / In Spanish )

Business License/Registration

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on getting a business license, registering your business, business structures, and more.

For Helpful Sources for Business Exporting/Trade and Manufacturing click here.