Working for Economic Opportunity

Community Capital New York uses policy tools—legislation, research and advocacy—to ensure that laws and policies promote economic opportunity for low- and moderate-income people in the greater New York metropolitan area and Hudson Valley communities.

We advocate for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and first time home buyers. We collaborate with private corporations, nonprofits and government agencies across the region to overcome challenges that to address challenges that individuals and families of modest means cannot overcome themselves.

We are currently advocating for:

  • Reduced barriers to building affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods;
  • Ensuring women, minorities and small business owners receive equal opportunities in financing; and
  • The prosperity of small business owners, by providing hands-on training in essential areas, such as accounting, business planning and marketing.

Please note: As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, we cannot and do not participate in any partisan political activity of any kind.