Proud to Partner with Housing Visions for Affordable Housing in New York State

Thirty-one years ago, a group of dedicated parishioners set out to revitalize the east side of Syracuse, New York. They noticed that properties in their area were falling victim to negligence and became determined to change that. Soon enough, the loyal citizens-turned-community developers revitalized the east side of Syracuse and founded Housing Visions; a nonprofit focused on real estate development and community collaboration.

“Our mission is neighborhood revitalization through real estate investment and community collaboration,” says Christopher Trevisani, Vice-President, Business Development, of Housing Visions.

What are they up to now, 31 years later? Since their founding, Housing Visions has made immense strides in the affordable housing market and community revitalization. They started in Syracuse, but their footprints now reach across New York State. Present-day, they’ve developed 1700 units and have invested close to $500 million into various housing projects. Their latest projects include St. Vincent’s Square in Corning, Northwoods in Plattsburgh, and Moyer Carriage Lofts in Syracuse. We are proud to have been part, providing between $300,000 and $500,000 in predevelopment affordable housing financing to each project. To date, Northwood hosts 80 units, Moyer hosts 128 & St. Vincents hosts 43 units of affordable housing.

Recently, we supported Housing Visions with a pre-development loan. “Community Capital New York has been a godsend to us. Our rents are affordable, so our portfolio doesn’t generate the cash flow that our organization needs. Pre-development loans are essential to sustaining our organization,” Chris admits.

Safe and affordable housing is a necessity, which is why we are committed to supporting organizations like Housing Visions. Their Northwoods project took three rounds of funding to get funded, highlighting the need for external resources and support. This specific development will serve families at risk of homelessness and individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental illness, providing a total of 80 new affordable housing units.

In addition to their dedication to neighborhood revitalization, we’ve partnered with Housing Visions because of their commitment to community involvement & a diverse, multistakeholder approach.

“Before we even put pen to paper, we held a series of community meetings. Community members filled out surveys to express feedback and concerns,” says Chris.

Housing Visions was founded by people dedicated to their community, and this mission is kept alive by making sure locals have a say in what happens to their neighborhood.

We are grateful to partner with such a community-driven organization and are eager to see the completion of all their housing projects. Affordable housing is at the core of our work, and we continue to search for new projects to support it. Feel free to learn more about Housing Visions and their impact across New York State on their website: