Recognizing that housing is part of the essential infrastructure needed for vibrant economies and strong communities, Community Capital New York supports the creation and retention of housing affordable to those who live and work in our region through the provision of catalytic “gap” financing that provides the capital that traditional lenders and government subsidies cannot or will not provide.

For close to 25 years, Community Capital New York has helped develop more than 2,400 homes, providing safe loan options to the diverse group of people who live and work or who want to live and work in our counties: young and old, black and white, disabled, veterans, nurses, firefighters, and more. We have had tremendous impact revitalizing communities and creating opportunities for families within them.

Community Capital provides loans to for-profit and not-for-profit housing developers that can be used to determine project feasibility in the very early stages, and for pre-development expenses, bridge financing, and other unforeseen financing needs that fulfill our strategic goals and underwriting criteria.

Community Capital works with developers to provide flexible, patient capital at rates that projects can support.

Loan Products


Affordable Housing Loan Fund

Through its Affordable Housing Loan Fund, Community Capital provides developers with pre-development financing, bridge financing, and on a case-by-case basis, with unique financing for project costs.

Download the Affordable Housing Loan Fund Term Sheet

Feasibility Loan Fund

Through its Feasibility Loan Fund, Community Capital provides developers with funds to determine the feasibility of developing affordable housing on a particular site. The favorable terms of Community Capital’s feasibility loans substantially mitigate financial risk for the developer and provide an incentive to fully explore affordable housing development options.

Download the Feasibility Loan Fund Term Sheet

Application Process

Interested applicants should call Community Capital New York to discuss their funding needs. Eligible applicants will be directed to complete the appropriate online loan application and to submit the information in advance of the next Housing Loan Committee meeting. Applicants will have an opportunity to present their request at a Housing Loan Committee meeting and answer any questions the committee members may have. Decisions are made and loan documents can be completed within a short time, with funds released upon receipt of the signed documents.

For additional information, please contact Kim Jacobs, at kjacobs@communitycapitalny.org or 914-747-8020 X 12.